Welcome to Euroamerican Valle

Private International School in Monterrey

Welcome to Euroamerican Valle

Private International School in Monterrey

Welcome to Euroamerican Valle

The Euroamerican School of Monterrey – Campus Valle is a private and international school for families seeking comprehensive and high-quality education for their children, preparing them to navigate a global and ever-changing world. Located in Monterrey, our academic program focuses on student well-being and the enhancement of their skills, starting from 1.5 years of age.


The school stands out for providing high-quality international education and personalized methodology, enabling students to achieve success both inside and outside the classroom, with a commitment to continuous learning and highly qualified teachers.

Why choosing Euroamerican Valle

Academic Excellence and Holistic Development

With over two decades of international recognition, we offer a proven program of academic excellence. Our focus is on the student, ensuring active learning that prepares our students for the challenges of today’s world. Our goal is to enhance holistic development and cultivate leaders in an ever-evolving globalized world.

Social and Emotional Focus and Conscious Discipline

We are a school with a committed Social and Emotional vision, promoting a supportive and resilient environment where every community member is respected and accepted. Inclusion, equity, and an open mind are pillars for well-being. We have programs such as Caring School Community and Conscious Discipline to transform our vision into culture.

Cultural Activities and Sports

We provide one of the most diverse extracurricular activity programs, encompassing arts, sports, technology, and innovation. Each student has the opportunity to select a varied program that aligns with their motivations and needs, providing students with a comprehensive balance in their growth and learning.

Academic Stages


1 – 6 Years Old


6 – 13 Years Old


13 – 16 Years Old


Life at Euroamerican Valle

The welcoming and close-knit atmosphere of our school fosters a sense of belonging, creating a family-like community where each student receives personalized attention and guidance to reach their full potential. In our school, we cultivate a culture of care that prioritizes the well-being of our students and community. We promote an educational environment that nurtures both academic growth and the emotional well-being of our students. 


We offer a diverse extracurricular program, understanding that each student is unique, with specific interests and motivations. We encourage an environment where extracurricular activities contribute to the comprehensive and balanced development of each student. Our focus on social-emotional skills (SEL) is designed for students to apply these skills in real projects with social impact, creating authentic engagement with our community and establishing meaningful collaborations with community partnerships.

Certification & Programs

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